A franchise is a small business which is part of an established brand. The franchisee receives ongoing business support from the major brand in key areas eg recruitment, marketing and administration. A franchise is legally set up for a set fee. The franchisee benefits from the brand popularity and loyalty of the customer base. One can find a franchise within several business sectors eg food, health care, education and car maintenance or car driving tuition. One can mirror the success of the established company and the support is available to achieve objective results. The expertise needed to become a successful business is available with the franchise opportunity. 

Driving school franchises prove to be successful with individuals who drive for a career. The driving school franchise can see one setup as ones own boss running a diary that suits your schedule and having the further support you need from a nationally recognised driving school. With a driving school franchise structure the ADI (approved driving instructor) will supply their own vehicle. Hired or leased vehicles can be used for the franchise company. The Approved driving instructor in the UK to accompany a learner driver will be 21 years of age or older. This is a legal requirement. Part time instructors work 15 to 20 hours a week. A variety of franchise products are available for the potential franchisee for the driving school sector. Some franchise packages offer a replacement vehicle when your vehicle is not in use and you are covered for breakdowns.

Nationally recognised driving franchises have very good marketing structures and customer reviews are positive and supportive of their business. The franchise benefits from marketing materials and online booking systems help streamline your business processes helping you to work effectively and professionally within the driving school market. Some driving schools have partnerships with businesses which can increase your workload. Some driving school franchise's. have links with the recognised brands in the UK. The focus is to deliver quality driving lessons to the client. Some driving schools have won major awards for their business structure (innovation).

The potential to earn as a driving school instructor franchise is quite rewarding. An estimated 40000 pounds per yr can be earned on a full time basis. The work schedule is flexible and one can work the hours one chooses and can vary the schedule throughout the year. It is an enjoyable job for those that excel as a driver. To research the franchise opportunity thoroughly is recommended. To work as a driving instructor one will have to pass an examination set by the DVSA UK. Most franchise companies for driving schools have information packs that can be requested if you are interested in this field of work. The process to become a qualified driving instructor will be outlined in the information pack. For those considering a driving school franchise a major consideration is the volume of work available through the established business network if within the franchise agreement. Advertising for potential clients regularly helps.

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