What Are Some Teen Driving Related Obstacles?

For a teenager, the thought of driving a car can be exhilarating. A driver's license can signal more freedom, independence, and a boosted social life. What could be better? Before a teenager can start revving that engine, though, there are many challenges they will need to face. It won't all be trips to the mall and parking in the school lot - driving is a huge responsibility. This is why it is especially important for new drivers to understand what obstacles they face. It just may help teens to become smarter - and safer - drivers.

Teen driving typically begins at 16-years-old. This is the legal age that new drivers are able to take their written driving test. Being a young driver, however, poses a number of issues. In fact, teenagers in this age group have the highest accident rate of all drivers, with an estimated 1 in 5 teenagers involved in a car accident. These statistics make it clear that there are serious risks and obstacles that face young drivers as they learn.

One of the biggest obstacles is of course, inexperience. Like anything, practise makes perfect. Many teens don't yet have a lot of driving experience. They are still learning the skills required to drive safely and confidently. New drivers require time and experience in order to learn to follow the rules of the road, to be observant, and to react quickly in unexpected situations. . Since 56% of teenagers rely on their parents to teach them how to drive, many teens are not getting enough consistent in-car experience. As a result, teen drivers can make a lot of careless mistakes. Inexperience and teen driving go hand in hand, however the more that teens practise, the better drivers they will become.

Inexperience doesn't just speak to driving inexperience, but also with vehicles in general. Yes, many teens dream of owning a shiny new car, but how many know very much about them? Without knowledge of proper maintenance, abnormalities, and so on, it can lead to serious issues. It is important for teens to learn about what it takes to keep a car running properly. Knowledge can decrease some of the risks that are often associated with teen driving.

Another obstacle that relates to teen driving is distraction. There are a number of technological and peer related distractions that teens must deal with. Technology has become one of the biggest and most serious teen driving distractions. Cell phone calls, text messages, and social media updates bombard teens on a daily basis. This can make it especially challenging to break away from technology when driving. Studies show that 56% of teenagers admit to using their cell phones while driving. This, combined with inexperience can be a serious problem, as using a phone while driving doubles the odds of getting into an accident. Peer distractions are another serious issue facing teen drivers. These peer distractions can include passengers simply being in the vehicle or passengers who encourage risky or dangerous driving behaviours. It is important for teens to avoid these distractions in order to stay safe.

Teen driving is a big responsibility. In order for teen drivers to succeed, they need to develop and establish safe driving habits. To do this, teenagers need the help of both parents and Driving School instructors. They are both essential in moulding new drivers as they learn. At Driving Schools A-to-Z, we know that it is important to find the best Driving School for your teen. This is why our directory makes it easy to find a Driving School in your area.

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